Visiting Encampments

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Once a month, many of those from Maynard join Love One Another Ministry and take food and other items to two encampments in downtown Columbus. Although the need for these homeless folks is great, they mostly need candles, canned food with easy open tops, long johns in the winter, socks, and batteries. Your donations are graciously received!

Neighborhood Services, Inc.

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Neighborhood Services, Inc. (NSI), was founded in 1965 by churches in the University District Area in response to the growing needs of nearby neighbors. NSI has grown into one of the largest hunger assistance service providers in Columbus, Ohio. NSI primarily serves working, low-income families and individuals, unemployed individuals and their families, and single heads of household with young, dependent children in the Columbus community. Maynard partnered with NSI and provides needed products each month to supplement the NSI food pantry. Watch the bulletin, emails, and this website for a list of needed items each month.

Reconciling Ministries Network

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Maynard became a reconciling church over five years ago and remains a part of Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN). Maynard firmly stands by its mission statement to celebrate and share Christ's love and acceptance of all. We were the first church to march in the Pride Parade and each year participate with a growing number of churches who also show love and acceptance of all. Maynard continues to stand at conference with the GLBT community supporting their right to equality.

Ohio State University Students

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Maynard reaches out to the students at OSU who are away from home and their home churches, maybe for the first time. We want them to know they are welcomed here.

Easter Egg Hunt & Crafts

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The Saturday before Easter each year, the parsonage backyard is open for an Easter Egg Hunt. Weather permitting, tables are set up for spring and Easter crafts, face painting, egg dying, etc. There are also games and storytelling or reading for the children to enjoy.

Thanksgiving Dinner

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On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, the church welcomes all to a Thanksgiving dinner/potluck. We meet in the church's Social Room following Sunday morning worship. It is a time for fellowship and thankfulness.

A Good Start, Pre-K Freedom School

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Pre-kindergarden, part of the Freedom School network.

Free Lunch Program

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The free lunch program coincides with A Good Start, but children do not have to be attending the school to receive a free lunch. Free nutritionally balanced lunches are provided during the summer months for no cost from the Community Resource Center. Lunches are served to anyone ages 1 - 18 years.

Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous

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These are open meetings held Monday at 7 p.m. and Wednesday at noon (AA). NA meets on Friday evening at 8 p.m. The groups meet in the Stained Glass Room on the upper level of the church.

International Outreach To Palestine

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Maynard has committed to learning about and supporting peace in Palestine as its international outreach over the next year. So, every fourth Friday night, we will have a movie night with a documentary and discussion about the Middle East. Open to all! Bring a snack to share. On June 28 the group watched and discussed parts of the documentary the Steadfast Hope: The Palestinian Quest for a Just Peace. Join us for a better understanding of this international outreach.

Crafts For Change

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Are you interested in being part of a craft-based micro business for persons coming out of human trafficking? We are getting this multi-church outreach organized. Folks interested in working beside those coming out of human trafficking, teaching or learning crafts, and want to be part of this ministry are welcome!

Labels And Box Tops For McCurdy School

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We continue to provide labels and box tops to McCurdy school in honor of the outreach Mildred Sisson had started (there is a small basket by the office).

Human Trafficking

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More than 1,000 Ohio children are estimated to be trafficked every year in the sex trade, over 3,000 Ohio youth are at risk of becoming victims. Average age of victims is 13 years old. Ohio is ranked 42nd for children's vulnerability to homelessness, which in turn contributes to a higher vulnerability to child sex trafficking. Runaway children are the most vulnerable for sex slavery, being approached by a trafficker or recruiter within 48 hours to a little over a week after running away. Toledo is the fourth largest recruitment site for minor sex trafficking in the country.

The Ohio Attorney General released a report last week with the following 2013 local law enforcement statistics (which do not include federal cases): there were 30 human trafficking investigations, 16 arrests, 7 prosecutions, and 9 successful convictions.

Use the link below to access resources about human trafficking, Ohio's anti-trafficking laws, local coalitions doing direct outreach, and education materials targeted to teachers, service providers, and medical professionals among others:

As more information becomes available about how Maynard can help with this outreach, the church secretary will send out emails, put information in the newsletter and bulletins, and update the calendar.

South Of Hudson Block Watch

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The South of Hudson Block Watch meets at Maynard Avenue UMC the second Thursday of each month at 7 pm.