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To celebrate and share Christ's love and acceptance of all

Our Mission is to celebrate with lively music and passionate worship, with the arts and the voices of children. We share through youth outreach, by supporting our neighborhood food pantry, and through ministries of prayer and support. We are a diverse people united by a common devotion to Jesus Christ. We are young and old, liberal and conservative, straight and gay, middle class and poor, traditional and alternative in faith, from around the corner and from all over the metro area. If you are looking for a church home that welcomes restless children and a variety of gifts, if you are looking for a safe place to explore and live out your relationship with God, the Maynard Avenue UMC is the church for you.
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Our Vision is to gather, serve, and disciple youth and children in our neighborhood and city. We will be a major partner and center for youth services in our area. We are living this out through a lively Sunday school and children's choir, a spirited and spiritual youth group, a summer program for children, after-school basketball and snacks, a Godman Guild teen mentoring program, and a community computer lab in partnership with OSU Extensions.

We will foster a truly diverse community where all are cared for; and develop a reputation for warm and wide welcome. All persons in our church family are connected through our Shepherding Program and our hospitality is not a gimmick, but a way of life founded in the grace of God.

We will intentionally and creatively reach out to new people across boundaries of age, income, sexual orientation, and race. The Realm of God includes every conceivable type of person; so should the church. Maynard Avenue UMC us an award-winning congregation for our GLBT ministries. We seek in every way we can to expand the “all” of our mission statement: to celebrate and share Christ's love and acceptance of all.